LB2U Affiliate Program

As a LB2U affiliate you will be paid commission on every player you referred to LB2U over the course of the player’s account life. Our online reporting system will be available 24/7 for your usage.

How much you earn will depend on how much traffic you refer from your website. It is our job to then guide your customers through the registration process, having them make their deposit, and retain their business with our attractive offerings.

Join LB2U affiliate Program – Get the commission high up to 45% for all affiliates member.

LB2U always appreciates the hard work and contribution from our partners, and we would like to share the revenue with our partners with the most competitive commissions available. The affiliate will earn from your customers net losses for life as long as you are actively promoting LB2U and are fully complying with the LB2U Affiliate terms and conditions.

If you have any inquiries concerning the affiliate program please do not hesitate to contact us at

Here are the reasons why you should be a part of the LB2U Affiliate Program:

  • We offer well-establish gaming and online betting products such as Sports, Casino Live, Slots, plus a wide selection of games.
  • We are offer 3 languages (English, Chinese and Malay) so it is easier for you to attract members.
  • We have strategic Marketing tools ensuring high member conversion and retention rate.
  • You can earn more commission up to 45% Commission rate from directs members.
  • We offer user-friendly software for your performance tracking.
  • We have a highly trained affiliate team to support your every need.

Regular Commission Share % for LB2U Affiliate members.

Commission Structure from direct members Monthly total net profit
(Every calendar month)
(MYR currency)
Commission percentage rate
MYR 0 – MYR 30,000 25%
MYR 30,001 – MYR 300,000 35%
> MYR 300,001 45%
  • Your commission percentage rate is determined by the monthly net loss of the total players recommended by you to LB2U.
  • The commission share of 25% - 45% means you will get benefit from 25% - 45% of your members net lose.
  • We monitor our affiliates performance and may contact you directly to increase your commission rate.
  • All affiliates are subjected to administrative and marketing costs incurred directly for the acquisition of members.
  • The cost is deducted from the revenue on a monthly basis. This cost may include the following:
    1. Payment Charges – Deposit and withdrawal charges involving all the affiliate’s members.
    2. Media Fees – Any fees that incurred towards LB2U to support or assist affiliate in conjunction with promotions or marketing purposes.
    3. Promotion Bonuses – Monetary bonuses or rebates given to the affiliate’s members.

LB2U AFFILIATE Payment Method

  • We served payment for MYR Local Bank with minimum withdrawal request at amount MYR350.
  • Affiliates are only allowed to have one withdrawal request for each calendar month. Should the Affiliate intend to request for a second withdrawal in any month, such request shall be at the Affiliate Manager’s sole discretion.
  • If you would like to request payment of your commission in other currencies other than MYR, please contact us for more information at 24/7 Live Chat or email to
  • All commissions shall be paid to you on a monthly basis, approximately within 7 business days following the end of each month. Therefore, each affiliate partner shall confirm the calculation of the commission before the commission can be disbursed.
  • There will be one payment each month and we are not responsible for any financial institutions that impose any costs eventually.
  • The minimum payout request for earned referral commission per month is MYR 350. For any commission below MYR 350 will be combined to the next month or until the sum is reached.
  • LB2U reserves the right to modify, remove or add to the terms and conditions, temporarily or permanently by posting a change notice on our site or immediate notification.
  • LB2U reserves the right to cancel your account at any time without prior notice when we assess the existence of indications fraud or if the affiliation performance not in accordance with our expectations at the given time period.

* If you have any inquiries concerning the affiliate program, please do not hesitate to contact us at at 24/7 Live Chat or email to

* Revenue shares above 25%-45% can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis based on minimum volumes.

LB2U AFFILIATE Terms & Conditions

(These Terms and Conditions are intended to form a legally binding and enforceable Agreement between you as an applicant to the LB2U Affiliate Program. Kindly read these Terms and Conditions carefully)

This Affiliate Agreement (herein referred to as "Agreement") contains the complete terms and conditions of the LB2U Affiliate Program. “You” or the “affiliate” refers to you, the individual, group or corporate entity registering with us as an affiliate under this Agreement, and shall be deemed to include any employees, officers, directors, shareholders, owners, controlling parties and affiliated individuals and entities (and “your” has a corresponding meaning).

It is important that you read and understand this Agreement. By completing an application to join the LB2U Affiliate Program and subsequently participating therein, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you are not amenable to the following terms and conditions as set forth in this Agreement, you should discontinue your application or participation in the LB2U Affiliate Program.

This Agreement replaces all previous terms and conditions relating to the Affiliate Program or any previous affiliate program offered by LB2U. You agree that this Agreement supersedes all previous agreements or terms and conditions you have had with LB2U.

1. Terms of Registration

In order to prevent the noncompliance partnership and offer system which provided by LB2U, the review department will strictly examine the partner’s personal information (including name, email and telephone number, etc.) which registered on the website page. Bad profit attempt, or with other agents, members conspiracy arbitrage and also other acts of dishonesty, LB2U has the right to close the cooperation agent account or deduct the principal of the account or recover all the commissions offered from the agent.

2. Confidential Information

The partners shall not disclose the information of the two parties or their members to the third party without the consent of LB2U. The partner is obliged to destroy the information or continue to be kept confidential after the termination of the contract.

3. Contractor Relationship

LB2U and the partners, is for independent relations. This Agreement does not form a joint stock, merger, and franchise representative of the Company or employee.

4. Partners Rights and Obligations

4.1 Partners need to be responsible, and actively sell and also promote the website of the LB2U which provided by the entertainment services. In order to maximize the profits of both sides, Partners must conduct positive publicity, sales and promotion without violating the law. All costs incurred shall be borne by the partner.

4.2 You are eligible for commissions based upon your continued promotion of LB2U. We reserve the right to reduce referral commission percentages if you reduce your efforts to recruit new customers. Your reduced or suspended promotion of our sites will be deemed to represent your termination of this AGREEMENT.

4.3 Partners must not secretly reproduce - publicly, distribute, website home page, domain name, logo, statements, game screen, graphic and other relevant information. While promoting, the partners should protect the goodwill and interests of the LB2U, any damage to the company's reputation are not allowed. If there is a violation, LB2U has the right to terminate the partnership and take appropriate measures immediately to fill the damage.

4.4 You shall also refrain from registering (or applying to register) any domain name similar to any domain name used by or registered in the name of LB2U, or any other name that could be understood to designate the LB2U.

4.5 You will be solely responsible for the development, operation, and maintenance of your site(s) and for all materials that appear on your site(s). For example, you will be solely responsible for ensuring that materials posted on your site(s) are not libelous or otherwise illegal. LB2U disclaims all liability for these matters. Further, you will indemnify and hold us harmless from all claims, damages, and expenses (including, without limitation, legal fees) arising directly or indirectly out of the development, operation, maintenance, and contents of your site.

4.6 LB2U makes no representation that any of its services or those provided by the Sites will be uninterrupted or error free. LB2U, to the fullest extent permissible by applicable law, shall not be liable for any consequence or losses arising from such interruptions or errors. LB2U does not accept liability for the content or accuracy of external websites.

4.7 LB2U makes no warranty or representation that your participation in this Program (or by your Customers in the Sites) is legal in the jurisdiction of your (or Customer’s) residence or citizenship. It shall be your sole responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable law.

4.8 You shall not open more than one affiliate account without our prior written consent nor will you earn commission on your own as a player unless subject to LB2U management approval. The programme is intended for genuine players seeking for leisure and entertainment on LB2U websites.

5. Rights and Obligations of the Partners from the LB2U

5.1 LB2U's partner department can help their partners for down line members for account business, and statistics of their betting results. Partners and members are required to agree and comply with the regulations, policies and operating regulations by the LB2U. Partners can log onto the management backstage at any time to know there down line members of the betting results and promotion.

5.2 In some cases, after the review of any of the terms of the unilateral amendment to the cooperation agreement, LB2U will inform the partners by email or posting on the website. Modifications may include: commissions, payment procedures, and other regulations. If the partners objected to the amendment, LB2U has the right and could terminate the contract. The modified partnership does not make any objection and is deemed to be the default acceptance and recognition of the new agreement.

5.3 LB2U has the right to reserve a new co-pending application.

6. Terms and Termination

6.1 The cooperation agreement from the application of partners after the Implementation, The partners may terminate the contract at any time, but must notify to the LB2U in advance by writing an email using the registered email address. If the partner violates the agreement, LB2U has the right to terminate the contract without notice.

6.2 In any join of the partnership's situation, the use of improper means to defraud The commission or damage the reputation of the LB2U, we have the right to unconditionally terminate the cooperation immediately or the partner's account will be re-examined or freeze their money. The partner 's cannot make any request or statement about us, and the partners has no power to bind us under any obligation.

7. Limitation of Liability

LB2U will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages (or Any loss of revenue, profits, or data) arising in connection with this AGREEMENT or the Affiliate. Programme, even if LB2U has been advised of the possibility of such Damages. Further, our aggregate liability arising with respect to this AGREEMENT and the Affiliate. Programme will not exceed the Total Referral Commissions paid or payable to you under this AGREEMENT. Nothing in this AGREEMENT shall be construed to provide any rights, remedies or benefits to any person or entity that is not a part of this AGREEMENT. Our obligations under this AGREEMENT do not constitute personal obligations of our directors, employees or shareholders. Any liability arising under this AGREEMENT shall be satisfied solely from the Referral Commission generated and is limited to direct damages.


What is the LB2U Affiliate Program?

It is a partnership program where you can earn commissions based on the net loss of wagering activity of players that you refer to LB2U from your Website(s) via online or offline via referrals.

Is there a set up fee?

There is no cost needed for you to join LB2U Affiliate Program.

How to Join the Affiliate Program?

To join our Affiliate Program, you can contact us at Customer Services 24/7 Live Chat, or Affiliate Program email at Within a few days you will be contacted by our Affiliate Program Manager by email regarding your acceptance into the program. If you application is approved, you will receive an email containing you unique affiliate ID, giving you access banners, test links, and other content and marketing tools.

What are the advantages of joining LB2U Affiliate Program?
  • Freedom. You are your own boss as you can work from home.
  • To sign up in LB2U Affiliate Program is absolutely free!
  • It’s simple to join the program and provide easy-to-get banners, text links and the best advanced marketing tools.
  • Our products are fair and exciting. We pay affiliate commissions on time.
  • You’ll earn a generous commission based on the wagering activity of players that you refer. The more they play, the more you can earn. There’s no limit to the money you can make.
If I do not have any sites, Can I still join?

Yes! We believe that having a website would be an advantage but we do provide promotion banners and tracking links for people to promote our brand.
If you have other promotion methods or ideas, feel free to contact us.

How can I check my account statistics?

You can login to our affiliate member page by entering your username and password to check your commission status, statistics and various reports.

How did I earn the commission?

All commissions shall be paid to you on a monthly basis, approximately within 7 business days following the end of each month. Payments of commissions shall be made directly to your designated bank. For security reasons, please make sure the name ofyour affiliate account registration must be consistent with you banker's account name.
LB2U is a licensed online gaming operated by local legal norms and also the local authorities. Your interests will be completely guaranteed.


    If you have any questions or inquiries regarding
    our Affiliate Program, please feel free to send us
    a message at
  • You can contact our customer services for further
    information about our affiliate program.

  • We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get
    asked the most often, you can also check our
    F.A.Q.s for quick reference on frequent inquiries.

Service Advantages


Payment Receive - 1Min


Payment Receive - 5Min



Exclusive privileges for valued
  • Enhanced Cash Rebates percentage
    (%) by VIP LB2U level.
  • Festive Bonus / Treats.
  • Birthday Bonus / Free bet.

Affiliate Partnership

How to get commission high up
to 45%.
  1. Introduce to your friends
  2. Friends start playing
  3. Get up to 45% commission